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Cinnamon and Orange Buns

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Cinnamon and Orange Buns

1 packet of yeast - 7g normally in a packet. Mix the yeast with 3 tablespoons of water and let it stand for 10 mins. It should go a bit frothy.

Measure out 255g of strong bread flour with a bit of salt. Some recipes add a teaspoon full but I do not like as much as that but that is my preference.

Combine 35g of sugar, 60 ml of milk, 1 large egg and 1 egg yolk. It is not going to matter if you are gram either side (or maybe that's were I have gone wrong)! Whisk altogether with a 1good tsp of vanilla essense, or I actually use 1 good tsp of Vahine Fleur d' oranger instead as I want more of an orange flavour.

Once this is whisked add the yeast mixture and combine. When this has combined add half the flour mixture (do it slowly and scrape down the sides as you are going along).

Once you have added half the flour add about 35g of softened butter and then add the rest of the flour.

Great you have your dough now knead it for about 10 mins but if you have been using a dough hook make it 5 mins. You might need to add some flour to the work surface but see how you go. Knead it in to a bowl and let it sit and rise for about 2 hours.

Mix grated orange rind (I probably grate a whole large orange) in a bowl and about 50g of dark brown sugar with 1-2 teaspoons of ground cinnamon. Again this is where you decide how much you want as everyone has different taste buds.

Once the dough has been left, knock the air back and gently roll out to a rectangle shape. You want to be able to have 12 equal strips. (I always end up with a small one at the end)

Then sprinkle the above mixture, try and get it as evenly as possible. Once you have done this roll up each one up so you have twelve separate buns that can go in a bun/muffin tin. (If your bun/muffin tins are a bit old like mine just grease them first.

Let them rise for 30-40 mins and then put them in a oven (fan 200) and cook for about 10-15 mins. This is were I have also gone wrong as I have thought just another minute and they go over!! Keep and eye on them, everyones oven is different.

Once out of the oven glaze with a bit of melted honey and a bit more orange rind if you want.

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